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christie. with that bipartisan blessing, the president looks good. for mitt romney, he was pushed off the stage. this storm was a kind of circuit breaker for about three days. momentum, at least according to the romney camp, had been building up for romney. you lose that. politics is not just about the national voter choice. there's a big dial-up emotions included in this. i think the air went out of the balloon to a certain degree for romney during those three days. does he have time to regen? of course. we are back in the campaign today and will be back at a fever pitch by monday night. look at where the candidates are going. that tells you where the race is really close. they are trying to get that extra point to win. you can do it if you finish up a campaign in a particular states, if the rally is good and everything clicks and you dominate the press in the final 12 hours to 15 hours, you might get an additional point or two out of the few remaining undecided. host: the first call comes from frank in burke, virginia. caller: thank you to c-span. i want to talk about the balance in
coverage at 3:35 eastern. tonight live coverage of both obama and romney in their f inal rallies. president obama is wrapping up in des moines, iowa, while mitt romney will be in new hampshire. live coverage starts at 8:00 eastern. a reminder to watch the results in presidential, house, senate, and governors races across the country. victory and concession speeches from candidates, plus your reaction to route the night, and it begins at 8:00 eastern tomorrow night on c-span, c-span radio, and c- >> when you have the infrastructure, there are quality vulnerabilities to natural disasters. in terms of the fcc's engagement, the chairman spent the night at the agency. our public safety person to the state. we are working on firsthand with fema to make an overall assessment in terms of those initial numbers. of 25% of cell towers were disabled during this process. what the fcc does and will continue to do is to work with these entities to assess the situation on the ground and to more so used this information to see what we can do better going forward. gnon clybrun, tonight a
at this election and figure out why things happened the way they did but it is time to put mitt romney in the rearview mirror and proceed. there is a long bench on the republican side, many others of home -- who will be there to be the candidate. we need a clear view of where we're going. in 2014 there is as bright a view of the senate takeover by republicans as any time in the last 30 or 40 years. the number of republican scifres up for election as opposed to the democrats after two more years of a, -- obama, if republicans can take back the senate, they will make the last two years of the obama administration immeasurable time for the president. those are few of the things we look forward -- those are a few of the things. we look forward to taking your questions. >> thank you. >> this is one of the examples -- can you give examples of how mitt romney could have complained and the regret -- [inaudible] i do not think there's any question he took all the right stance. that is not the argument he took all the right positions and we were all happy to spread those commitments around. the
of what mitt romney needed to do was to start off with the 22 states that mccain won with 180 electoral votes. then you say, ok. he is going to win indiana. that gets it to 191. probably the next easiest they will be north carolina. what will he have to do after that to get up to 270? we still have two states out, florida and virginia, which were going to be my next two states he would need to win. they are still undecided at this point. with obama slightly ahead in both of them. basically it looks like it stops. he would have needed to do florida and virginia and then he would need to get into colorado, iowa, new hampshire. even winning all of that he would be three short of 270. it was pretty clear going into election day that a whole lot had to happen right for romney to get over to 70. it did not happen. it seemed to peter out either after north carolina in that sequence or maybe even florida or virginia wants all the votes are counted, maybe one or theoretically both of them fall to him, but probably not. that is where it was. there was one. back around -- looking at the sequencing
the romney campaign was operated on at was nine. obama's theory about the campaign turned out to be correct and the battleground states fell his way. >> north carolina was the only battleground state that romney won. >> that is correct. out.ida is still allowe this year is turned out to be irrelevant. iss? did the republicans m >> practically anybody who was brown or black, procter we anybody who believes that immigration is an issue that needs to be tackled. was a case where the republican party is stampeding towards prevalence if they don't catch up to the new america and the changing demographics. you cannot have a ruling coalition that is virtually all white. you had president obama put together this new rising coalition and put together enough of the old democratic coalition to win. he got more than 7% of hispanics -- 70% of hispanics. young voters. the republicans are missing the idea of trying to expand their percentage of a shrinking electorate. this is becoming a majority- minority nation. this is probably the last time the republicans love a chance to win like this. >> let's talk
, and on the one hand this is not a huge surprise. it is not like a broad expectation was mitt romney was going to run away with the election and everything would change, but until there was no answer wall street was holding its breath and the initial reaction was to say that we are worried about uncertainty between now and the end of the year. host: scott wilson, what do you here in in terms of one of which were you hearing in terms of whether you get -- what are you let the bush era tax cuts expire? guest: the president said he is going to let those expire, and part of the discussion in the white house and capitol hill is what is the meaning of his election? what were voters saying? mitch mcconnell said this is not a mandate to continue the excesses' of your first term. john boehner seemed more open to the idea of allowing more revenue, the rate increases on fiscal cliff issue. i think the president, and i know his left wing, is certainly holding him to the pledge on the campaign trail that he will let the proper rate expire at the end of the year and intends to hold his own in arguing for th
together. another question was significant for barack obama and it hurt mitt romney. who was to blame for the current economic problems? they gave a choice, the president or george bush? 38% said president barack obama , 53% said george bush. this goes back to bill clinton. folks, it and i could not have solved this problem. it's all george bush's fault. i think the president and his team and the democratic party got a lot of mileage out of the bush years and out of what the public concluded was george bush's failings or shortcomings. you don't have to agree that he failed are had shortcomings, i am just telling you what the public thinks. that is what matters now. but i think the lesson coming out of this election -- nothing charlie is right, the lesson coming out of this is that the public now is inclined to say to the democrats and republicans need to do something to change their message, to change their reputation and image. i think generally, charlie is right with what he said about the republicans being extreme and too ideological. i think that is certainly true. it is also the
comment is, is it not possible that the house could pick romney and the senate could make obama the president? >> if the vote for president went to the house of representatives, we have presumed the majority of delegations the republican would vote for mitt romney. the senate would pick the vice- president, but they would have to select among the candidates with the most electoral votes for vice president. i could be wrong, but i do not think the senate would vote for obama. i do not think he would accept it either. >> a question on twitter. did the founding fathers believed that both people were not informed enough to become president? guest: one of the reasons they decided to go with the electorate, and they envision the people as learned citizens, well respected in their community, but i think they felt the average voter probably was not sophisticated enough to be entrusted with voting directly for president. host: what will you be watching for tonight? guest: i will be watching for a lot of these swing states and battleground states, some of these places with early poll clos
made. that was you should recruit romney and mccain. negotiate a deal with the chamber of commerce? if i were them, i would get it out of the way. and then you can set of economic issue and you have a much greater challenge. the president knows how he will raise income and create jobs. that's the first thing to deliver on. >> let's not underestimate the challenge the president faces. the election yesterday was 50- 48. the president managed to get less than 40% support from the largest group. he leads a very divided country and he helped make the divide by the way he ran the campaign. it is incumbent on this president to reach out, to show ogling is to expand his coalition, to be flexible with some of his policy options, and only he can do. . no one else other than this president can get beyond this incredible divisiveness. >> as of right now, his margin of victory is the smallest ever for it successfully reelected president as a share of the popular rovote. >> that won't remain. >> but he is the first president since andrew jackson to be reelected with a smaller share of the popula
that. mitt romney encouraged employers to do that. in terms of citizens united, first of all going back to the earlier case, i will never agree with the proposition that money is speech. speech is speech. like what mitt romney said -- corporations are people. no, corporations are corporations and speech is speech. money is intended as a correction of the political process. >> let's give a hand to david. [applause] we thank you again for coming out to this presentation. we will continue to analyze the election and we encourage you to go to our website and look at our website on this topic and other topics that the joint center addresses. we thank you for being here today and invite you back to our next event. thank you very much. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> tomorrow, we look at president obama's second term. then we talk to michael steele. later, an update on afghanistan's and reaction to president obama's re-election with in the country. daniel markey is our guest. "washington journal" is less of a c
per month since july. mitt romney issued a statement that said the unemployment rate is a sad reminder the economy is a virtual standstill for the jobless rate is higher than it was when president obama took office. we will hilton -- we will hear more about the unemployment number from both campaigns today. they are on the campaign trail with four days to go into the elections. president obama has three stops in ohio. coming up in about 15 minutes here on c-span, we will take you to the first stop of the day in hilltard outside columbus. the first lady michelle obama is campaigning in virginia today. at 5:30 eastern, we will take you to petersburg where she will be speaking with supporters. tonight on c-span, mitt romney and paul brian will be joined by their wives for a rally in west chester, ohio. another big names are appearing including condoleezza rice and senator john mccain this evening at 7:30 eastern and we will have that live on c-span. while we wait to hear from president obama in ohio, part of this morning's "washington journal," good morning to you. i want to assure you th
there never has been. i got news for romney and ryan. it has never been a good bet to bet against the american people. we need you, virginia. with your help we will win in virginia. if we win virginia we win this election. god bless you all. make up protect our troops. thank you. -- may god protect our troops. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ >> vice-president biden in virginia. he also stopped in richmond. in the polls, a virtual tie between president obama and mitt romney. the presidential candidates took part in a debate last month. the candidates -- will have that debate for you. president obama yanda mitt romney hold their final campaign rally before election day. the president will speak to voters in iowa. mitt romney will be in new hampshire. but rallies are scheduled to start before 11:00 p.m. eastern. it will also take your phone calls, comments, and tweets. tomorrow is election day. we will bring you remarks from president obama in chicago and mitt romney in boston. former congressman dis
the first president to early vote. but the romney campaign has a couple of late adds on the schedule -- cleveland and pittsburgh, and paul ryan stopping in cleveland as well and he will also be in richmond, virginia bank. looking at polling places across the washington area. we also talked to some political reporters for the last minute takes on how the election may go. >> everybody these days is talking about ohio. it seems like we always talk about ohio when a presidential race comes along. more and more it looks like this is mitt romney's be all and all. if he does not win it, the of the coral college math is very difficult. he would have to run the table and all the other swing states. if he does when it, he is pretty much on equal ground with president obama going into the other states. this is a state that will have the results coming in on the early side on election day. depending upon how close it is we should have an idea about who is going to win that state. and i think whoever wins the state will be the odds on favorite to win the presidency. i think one interesting thing
watch that live right here on c-span. mitt romney is campaigning throughout virginia today. he'll be in roanoke, virginia beach, and this afternoon in doswell just outside richmond. c-span will have live coverage of that stop beginning about 2:15. also live a rally with mitt romney's wife ann. that will be at noon eastern. she's speaking with supporters in columbus, ohio. live today at noon here on c-span. president obama yesterday spent the afternoon with new jersey governor chris christi touring the damage across the state's coast left from hurricane sandy after surveying some of the wreckage and speaking with victims of the storm. both men spoke briefly about the coordination efforts between federal and local officials. >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you-all for coming today. i want to thank the members who are here as well. i want to thank the president. we spent significant afternoon together surveying the damage up and down the new jersey coastline. we were on marine one together, to show the president that personally. we had an opportunity to discuss it at length. t
. it did not matter to me if obama got in office or mitt romney, as long as it was for the people. >> that was from mississippi. we want to show you the scene at the ronald reagan building. this is where the national journal will be holding their event "by the numbers." it should be beginning in just a minute. it will be led by ronald brownstein, a longtime contributor. elaine chao, former secretary of labor, will be participating. as you can see, it looks like they are almost getting ready to go. as we watched the room, we will take this call from leesburg, va. on our independent line. anne, before you voted yesterday, did you spend some time undecided? >> i really did not. i have to tell you that i am a research queen. i researched things to the nth degree. there has been an awful lot of money pumped into this. we were bombarded. my four kids. no more romney. no more romney texts. it was everywhere. being a research person, i think all voters today, we really need to be able to discern between fact and opinion. and there's so much opinion. the talking heads up there. but with th
no , -- judicial nominations. >> i think obama neutralized romney on the economy this year. if it goes on longer, it's hard to know. in the exit polls, 53% of the voters blame george bush for current economic problems, and 38% barack obama. you see how he neutralized that. >> a comment on that. if you look at the most recent analysis of those just off the charts sue pert in straightforward analysis, you know, looking at this downturn, in the context of other downturns triggered by financial crisis and debt problems which is different from a typical recession, weaver come -- we've come out of that better than most others, and better than other countries who experienced it in a global way, and if you look at the forecast made by moody analytics and others, basically, it was regardless of who is the president, we'll see 12 million jobs created over the next four years. now, they may be right, and they may be wrong, and their prognostications on economic issues are nowhere belter than ours have been on political issues, and lots of things can emerge, including war, a -- other kinds of economic issue
. romney by 58% to 40% in florida, 87% to 10% in colorado, at 80% to 17% in nevada, and 60% to 31% in virginia. we will go to one of the swing state in this election now. -- a swing states in this election now. caller: i love the statement that he made about self deportation. absolutely right. that is basically what the gop party is doing, not just to latinos, but everyone else. it is basically 47%. one of the things i would like to mention -- i wrote this over 20 years ago -- we had 36 men in mexico who controlled 54% of .exico's gross national product how much can they need to buy? i am sick and tired of the 36 men in mexico -- the number of men in the united states, canada, central america, south america, europe and asia, etc., whose lust for more greed and power is destroying the e ntire planet for man and beast. that bothers me. i feel that they spend their lives living off a bus. as long as we obey their roles, everything is ok. -- off of us. as long as we obey their rules, everything is ok. guest: i think that oftentimes, the process that is taken in -- to having a greater
of love for governor romney from the republicans. guest: well, you know, in terms of the lack of love, i wouldn't say that it's specifically romney. i would say people are fed up with the republican party. that's one of the reasons the tea party movement was born, because it was frustration and anger with both parties, but especially the republican party. and so, if there's anything we've heard over the past several days since tuesday, it's that people are tired of the moderate stance of the republican party and, you know, they want true change. they want true fiscal conservatives. and so i think probably that had some impact on it. host: we're talking with amy kremer, chairman of the tea party express, about the tea party and its future, also the future. republican party moving forward. and we want to get you all involved in the conversations. the number is 202-585-3880 for democrats. 202-585-3881 for republicans. independents, 202-585-3882. theou're calling outside u.s., 585-3883. you can also reach us via social media on twitter, facebook, or even send us an email. our first call for
million of that for mitt romney against barack obama, and then on election night, he tried to recreate florida again by insisting that the network, fox, was wrong in calling the election for obama. the fox number-cruncher's said, "no, you are wrong." -- the fox number-crunchers said, "no, you are wrong." i think his career in politics should be over, and show -- and so should dick morris's. he is getting all of these people's money, spending it for mitt romney, and then he is on fox news as a supposedly independent political commentator, and he is writing a column for rupert murdoch's " wall street journal." host: and on the lecture circuit. guest: his time in american politics has come and gone. host: our guest is bill press. bill press. onawful election night proved you cannot buy momentum." guest: karl rove at one time talked about a total realignment, and in this one again, the republicans lost the white house. two elections in a row. they lost ground in the senate. they lost ground in the house. and then you have karl rove with this rosy look on his face saying, "we won." he said,
of the tidewater region than did john mccain in 2008. if you were president obama and you were mitt romney, where would you focus your resources, larry? guest: you can tell by where they are visiting. romney spends a lot of time in the richmond area. he needs a big vote out of those localities, some of which voted for president obama. other various conservative localities like chesterfield county went as high as 45% for president obama in 2008. there's no way for republicans to win statewide and allow centreville to get 45% of the votes to obama. they're both campaigning in northern virginia. it is the linchpin of a statewide victory for president obama. he needs to do well in the big, growing burgeoning prince george county and loudoun county, as well as fairfax. yes, the two areas are small, but trees and rocks and acres don't vote, at least in most states and localities. host: what kind of the voting system is used in virginia? guest: the computerized systems are used almost everywhere. we have eliminated paper ballots accept as a backup in case of emergency. we don't have a lever machines any
and the first lady and joe biden. i hope to the election were turned out differently. mitt romney and paul ryanair good men and leaders. i want to wish them well. the american people have spoken. they have reelected president obama and they have again reelected a republican majority in the house of representatives. if there is a mandate yesterday, it is a mandate to work together on the solutions to the challenges we face as a nation. my attitude is not a confrontation but conviction. we face a series of tremendous challenges and a great opportunity. weeks away from now looms the so-called fiscal clef. a combination of automatic tax increase mandated by law. within months of the fiscal cliff, congress will be asked to raise the debt ceiling. legislation will be needed to keep the government running as a continuing resolution under which we are currently operating expires. amid all of the short-term hurdles, we face the greatest challenge of all, a massive debt that is smothering growth and exceeding the size of our economy. there will be many who will say with the election over, we should
romney, a man of great moral and president obama had to go through so many difficult during the time of campaigning and they will have set the standard to work on. i really want to know -- we know this country is divided and when the senators come with an issue, are they informed on both sides well enough to make a decision? one of the things that is coming before us is that tax on the people making the most money. will they have to take a look at that? some say it will work and another side says it will not work. the american people don't know which side will work. guest: i think the senators will be well informed. i think the caller is certainly right about the divisions in the country. i think that's why the restoration of the senate, the senate becoming, again, and effective institution is important. if the senate was the place where a lot of these things get debated and differences get reconciled, the senators need to rise above the divisions. they cannot just reflect divisions, they need to rise above it and that's where you find the compromises and the right answers after vigo
it out afterwards. >> okay. let's plunge in. at what point did the race become unwinnable for mitt romney? >> i'm not sure what that moment was. when i thought we were, you know, going to win the election was a few days before the election when the early vote numbers continued to look very, very good for us. >> you thought it long before a few days before the election. i know that. [laughter] >> but i was pretty sure. >> how long were you pretty sure? when cowed he he -- could he have turned it around? debate one? >> absolutely. it was a close election. we won by three points. it was competitive the entire way. i think governor romney could have won up until the very end. i always believed in the fundamental truth which is we were building the best grassroots campaign. we had the best candidate and the best message. i believe we were going to win. >> in a way the story of the election is the degree to which you replicated the '08 results. many people putting on the republican pollsters thought that '08 was a once-in-a-lifetime result. you came close to replicating it. i think the best sta
traditional collection day basketball game. mitt romney had stops in pittsburgh and cleveland before returning to boston to watch the returns in a speech to supporters. we have been speaking to reporters the last couple of days here at c-span, finding out what they think is going to happen on election night. >> we're going to see a pretty consistent pattern across the country. it will start in virginia where the polls closed at 7:00 p.m. burgeon as a contested battleground state. a relatively tight race. the bottom line, it will be a close race. they're good at counting votes and we have a pretty good senate race. if we know that virginia is leaning one way or another, or toward one of the senate candidate, we're going to have a pretty good idea of what the rest of the night is good to look for. keep an eye on virginia. that is an early bellwether, canary in the coal mine for what is coming the rest of the night. in a macro sense what i am looking at is -- what we will see on november 6 is the first normal data point we have seen in eight years. we have not seen what a normal life threat looks
't like the position of either candidate governor romney or president obama. what do you think? what is the right way forward in our relations with china at this time? what's the right thing to do? >> one, i think you have to -- and you all know this, you know, what you hear from barack obama or mitt romney the candidate will be different then what you will hear from barack obama the president or would have heard with mitt romney, the president. that's the way campaigns are. and you all know that. i think you have think of china in two ways. and one, sort of summed up i had a meeting in beijing a couple weeks ago and i met with a man named liki chong, who will be the new premier of china. he's talking in chinese. very interesting man. and he said something in chinese and the translator translated, america and china are not rivals. i thought well, that's interesting. and he stops the translator. he said no, i didn't say we weren't rivals. we are rivals. but i said we're not necessarily on the opposite sides of the table. i think he captured something very important there. i think the
this race become unwinnable for mitt romney? >> i am not sure when that moment was. when i thought we were going to win was a few days before when the early voting numbers look good for us. >> you thought it long before the election. i know that. [laughter] >> but i was pretty sure -- >> how long? could he have one after the first debate or where the forces in motion? >> sure, absolutely he could have one. -- won. it was competitive the entire way. i think governor romney could have one up until the end. i always believe in the fundamental truth, we were building the best grass roots campaign in modern political history. we had the best candidate and the best message. >> in a way, the story of this election is the degree to which replicated the 2008 results. many people thought that 2008 was a once-in-a-lifetime result. you came very close to replicating it. i think the most fascinating statistic is african-americans in ohio, 11% of the electorate, 15% this time. you found 200,000 more african- american voters who turned out for you. mitt romney lost the state by 103,000. that was the elec
coming from the republican nominee than with president obama. romney said venezuela represented a national security threat. president obama had a very different view. so that is one issue where i think it is seen as being helpful. and if there have been a different result, there may have been -- and may have been more complicated. and to the other question, you make a good point. how much of these issues matter. i think immigration, i'm not sure about the drug issue, but that i would agree on. i think that is going to be much more difficult. but there does seem to be sort of a coincidence, a lot of things coming together now on immigration. especially, one factor we did not talk about, but will influence that, is the u.s. economy. there are some encouraging signs the last couple of months and consumer confidence and other things that seem to be -- if those trends continue, the economy becomes stronger, that will also be very favorable and helpful for immigration reform. i think it seems to be occupying in terms of legacy, obama's legacy and so forth, i think that -- there are si
. as romney proved during the campaign, you can't do it just by doctoring up the tax code. that should be part of the deal. we need to have tax reform. we have to have the people who have done so well during this difficult time we have had with the economy. the richest of the rich will have to pay a little bit more to solve the financial problems we have in this country. [inaudible] >> right after the senate majority leader harry reid spoke, republican leaders held their own briefing and ways to find a deal and criticized leader reid's plan. this is 15 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. as we head into the fiscal cliff negotiations, my advice to the president would be -- seems like our friends on the other side are having difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense and opportunity here at the end of the year to do something important for the country. we all know that the most critical steps to be taken are to save the entitlements, which are on an unsustainable path to bankruptcy. there's no better time to begin to fix tha
medicare pay for it. it is really offensive to someone like me, and 47%er by someone like mitt romney was as we are entitled. i am ashamed of having to accept public assistance, but i don't have a choice because i'm not able to work. guest: we have to recognize a significant majority of americans pay more in payroll taxes than they do in income taxes. the challenge is those payroll taxes were earmarked for social security and medicare and they don't generate adequate revenues to be able to live on the promises that have been made under those programs. those programs are geared to provide more benefits for the less well-off than the well-off people. that makes sense. we need to take care of the disabled. in many cases what the government has done is it has overpromised for broad cross- section of society, going well beyond the poor and well beyond the disabled. it is done that in connection with a number of health care programs, whether it be medicare or the new the affordable care act. ultimately, we will have to go back and rationalize our promises, recognize the difference between u
of whether it was tommy thompson or mitt romney or any of these other jokers across the country that just sort of collectively said, not them and it's got to be someone else. so that they basically closed the age gap that might have existed. women's health issues, particularly around reproductive health, obviously younger women have concerns. do you find there's an age divide on these issues? >> it was interesting. this year we did much more significant modeling than we've ever done in the past. we not only did the traditional choice model, if you will, do you support safe, legal abortion, but we also looked at favorability arounded plan parenthood and we did a model based on birth control. and the president's policy of expanded access and with insurance companies. we crunched all that together in the formula and kicked out these folks. it did reveal and entire group of people who were frankly less concerned on the abortion front. they weren't really bad but they were just less concerned, who we could talk to, but who were definitely from an age perspective very concerned about birth cont
of who would be in the cabinet for mitt romney and for president obama. when you talk about setting up this council, how did you guard against some sort of volatility in the national energy policy from a change in administration? how do you in sure that you get the proper signals to the business community that the policies are put in place that will be carried over? >> one person who has to take this seriously as the president. my sense in the experiences i have had, and this would be a very significant move by the administration, is taken seriously by everyone in the government which is a tremendous incentive to coronation. >> there will always be some volatility with a new administration or even a second term of an administration where there will be some changes in the cabinet people that have been there for years. -- thre four years. this would not be something done instantaneously. the report would be done -- would not be done until the end of the first quarter giving time for changes in cabinet positions or agency heads. that would be available to the administration and congress.
, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: mr. speaker, mitt romney weathered a storm of criticism late in the campaign after hurricane sandy for his earlier comments about privatizing fema and turning responsibility back to state and local governments. but during an era of fiscal restraint and global warming, it's high time that we start this conversation in earnest. how big do you want your fema to be? how generous your disaster relief payments and how much do you want to pay for it? in today's "new york times" op-ed section, there's an article that points out potential liability for flood insurance alone is $1.25 trillion. second only to the liability for social security. right now we have arguably the worst of both worlds. the federal government responds to disaster usually paying too much for the wrong people to do the wrong things. we provide federal money to put people back in harm's way and sometimes provide infrastructure to make future risky development worse. we often take remedial action, like for theifying beaches, a temporary solution, that can actually accelerate erosion
financing for the primary and general election. that took limits off. president obama and mitt romney raising record amounts of money themselves. seems like the height of irony. if the money would have been spent on some other purpose, what might have happened. host: how much each candidate spent. that is just the two candidates. guest: the final accounting is not in yet. host: there is another story from "time business." $6 billion invested in this economy. did we see a boost in the sluggish economy? guest: christmas in september for the television stations in some of battleground states. stations were cutting back on programming so they could fit in all the advertising. we have tried to get a handle on the tv ads and have created a database which pulls in the advertising that is not registered at the federal communications commission. it is the top 50 markets. we are trying to pull that together and have asked volunteers to go to some of the uncovered markets and help us collect the other advertising. there are these concentrated pockets of spending in these communities. the televis
-- maybe not surprisingly -- in the exit polls was that president obama defeated governor romney among self-described moderates by 15 points. so this is an expression -- you can ask a lot of complicated questions about who are they, because a lot of people would say president obama is least center left, right? but it's all comparative, and compared to governor romney, and i really think the republican party, including those statements that akin and murdoch made, seemed like they were far off from the center. and i also think -- so i'm an independent. i can give advice to both parties. >> and they don't have to take it. >> right. and they don't have to take it. the party of ronald reagan and jack kemp, the party of upward mobility, that didn't seem to be the republican party this year, and now maybe it was because of this very effective attack campaign against mitt romney being capital, 47%, all that stuff, but i think hispanics and asians and a lot of women didn't vote for the republican party, not just if you're hispanic because you think they're anti-immigrant, because it didn't seem like
a couple of comments to make. i am a republican. i did vote for romney, but the election's over, and i do think our republican representatives to represent the republicans of the party, and i kind of wish that president obama would have opened up his meetings to the mom and pops businesses and the franchises instead of all these big corporation names that are meeting aside from the unions that were there yesterday. i just don't feel that the $250,000 ceiling is fair, that those people struggle to employ people and to keep the communities going and restaurants and franchises and grossry stores and it does -- grocery stores and it does seem like the corporations are taking over the mom and pops, and i just hope the representatives in congress keep representing the republicans out here. . host: since you are a republican, what do you think about letting taxes increase on people who make $1 million or more? chris: that's not a bad idea. i also find it a little ironic this is the first time anything that president bush did is respected by the democrats. i don't know. that's kind of up to our -
understood, was a big difference between myself and mr. romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit, i argued for a balanced, responsible approach and part of that included making sure that the wealthiest americans pay a little bit more. i think every voter out there understood that that was an important debate and the majority of voters agreed with me. more voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me. so we've got a clear majority of the american people who recognize if we're going to be serious about deficit reduction, we've got to do it in a balanced way. the only question now is, are we going to hold the middle class hostage in order to go ahead and let that happen? or can we all step back and say, here's something we agree on. we don't want middle class taxes to go up. let's go ahead and lock that in. that will be good for the economy. it will be good for consumers. it will be good for businesses. it takes the edge off the fiscal cliff. and let's also then commit ourselves to the broader package of deficit reduction that includes entitlement changes and includ
shifting our discussion about that. the media did a great job asking mitt romney for his plan was. i did not see people asking the president where his plan was. if the president came to me with a 10-1 deal where he will cut $10 in spending in spending today to cut $1 in taxes, i would probably take that deal. they don't want to cut a single time in government spending. >> by late summer, and they are the investigation. >> eric holder should have resigned a long time ago. once again, it shows the incompetence or the complete neglect in eric holder's administration. i don't know what his duty is to tell the president what he knows but he has a constitutional duty to tell the house committee what he knows about issues like this. the key to this will be the chairman of the intelligence committee in the senate. i know the media has done a good job of ignoring every question we have asked about eric holder but when she started asking questions, we will get to the bottom. cox why did you lose -- >> why did you lose seats in the house and in the senate? >> can you identify yourself? >> jonathan
now. if romney had one we would not be saying that. they are living in a hermetically sealed universe where before the election you had not just romney partisans that seven watching too much -- x, >> trey pretty good piece about this. >> he wrote a terrific piece where he discovered this. he met that he was living on the upper side of manhattan. what i only know one person. something like that was less extreme. something was going on. i had a bet with the conservative talk-show host. romney would win with more than 320 boat. the seas was thatecie obama it's not mobilize his army of supporters well enough in order to truly be who he was. >> some of this was a gap between an election and governance. having said that, and they certainly do not apply a great deal of energy or strategy to mobilize the army. it is quite a crowd. it is like where do we go. you look at these 2 million people leaping. they were looking for direction. if you see that cropping up in the summer, they speak to the republican party. it highjacks that debate. the administration loses that control. then you have occu
that was a vote winner, he wouldn't have put 86% of his tv ads. he ran a romney is a bad person campaign not look at how wonderful i have gotten the american economy. >> if it is on c-span -- >> you say here's what we want to do. we just elected a house which ran on the ryan plan. >> you are saying these are the reforms that we want. >> the president sits there and says what, because he hasn't put anything on the table that passes the lap test, hasn't put spending restraint. crazy democratic leadership, which for two years kept all the democratic senators from voting on anything. i want them to vote on something between now and 2014 because then they aren't coming back. >> if you are john boehner, speaker boehner, your proposal is -- your bright line is what? >> first of all, you want to have this conversation in public and whatever happens, you want it online. that gives you the moral high ground and allows the american people to focus on this. >> wait, what you are saying right there is a path to a deal, you're not saying they should go over a political cliff. you're saying they should fight fo
or mitt romney is president of united states because it justice ginsburg had left and another conservative justice came in, that could have changed the balance of the court. if, in the next four years, only justice ginsburg leaves, the presumption would be that president obama would pick somebody else who is relatively liberal and that the ideological balance of the court would not change. it would be a big deal if justice scalia or justice kennedy for one reason or another left and were replaced by obama -- an obama appointee. i would not bet on it. host: we are taking your calls on the supreme court in the near term and longer-term issues. john from texas on the republican line is next. caller: good morning, i am very familiar with the hubbub about the affirmative action deal in texas. i'm a former teacher. we have an inconsistency in standards among our bicycles. students graduating from high year to year high schools are much better prepared for college than kids from the inner cities. what we found is that universities are admitting students who are not well qualified based on the aff
to succeed. >> jonathan would pound the chinese with this thing. what are you going to do if mitt romney calls china a currency manipulator? china did not believe romney would do that, but what is interesting is bill would send these notes out saying barack obama is a bigger thatcher -- china basher. it was a real who issue during the debate. as everyone remember talking about china? we are talking about china. we are talking about 1 billion people coming on line. we got into a discussion about china, and on and said, if we are not careful, china will amex the content of -- annex the continents of africa. if we get this stuff right, is this directed at making us feel good, or view gain ground in a competitive environment against china? >> we have real strength in america upgraded we have strengths in higher education, a lot of science and technology. we have allowed a lot of unnecessary costs of doing business suit rebop -- to creep up. all the other countries have taskforce louis of national leaders but work every day to drive -- task forces of national leaders at work every day to make
will have lunch at the white house with his former rival, mitt romney. governor romney will be in town meeting with paul ryan. before the president's comments, house speaker john boehner and other republicans met with reporters saying they're willing to consider new sources of revenue as a solution to avoiding the fiscal cliff but will not consider raising marginal tax rates. this is about 10 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. in going over the fiscal cliff -- going over the fiscal cliff will hurt our economy and hurt job creation in our country. republicans are committed to continuing to work with the president to come to an agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. it's one reason why we believe that we put revenue on the table, as long as it's accompanied by serious spending cuts to avert this crisis. we believe that this fits the president's request for a balanced approach to this issue. and we're going to continue to work with the president to try to resolve this in a way that is fair for the american people. we all know that we've had the spending crisis coming at us like a
we are able to move this legislation here today. as was pointed out earlier governor romney indicated that russia in his view is america's greatest geostrategic adversary in the 20th century. i don't know if that's true or not, but i do know when goods and products cross borders, armies don't. this gives us another tool of diplomatic engagement with russia, economic engagement with russia, as well as another peace for what we need to do to get our economy fully functioning in creating the good-paying jobs we need right here in america at this time. i encourage my colleagues to support this. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. kind: wide bipartisan vote i thank the leadership on this issue. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from michigan, mr. camp. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. >> i rise to speak on h.r. 6156, the jackson-vackic repeal act. i'm very proud to join my friend and colleague, congressman greg meeks, in standing with him in strong support of this legislation. i look forward to serving wit
that and he may have felt -- obviously it was public and not private -- like the 47% remarks from mitt romney -- he may have felt it would not get much press. >> he did say -- and i am not sure whether the interview was before or after the heritage remarks, but he did tell the press it was his priority. why wouldn't he? the upset party. but it is sort of mystifying that someone who is the consonant operator on capitol hill -- it is hard he spent any time of the capital not to have any respect -- regardless of your political leanings -- for mitch mcconnell because he is just so good at what he does. so intelligent and really does take along a nerve you of things. -- a longer view of things. who knows why -- there was a lot of euphoria in the republican party in 2010, particularly this time two years ago. as i remember, there were magazine covers that were literally painted red. and people say things when they are feeling kind of goosey. >> and mitch mcconnell is so smart -- maybe he made an impolitic remark, and i don't know. but he is a man who rarely says anything he does not plan far ahead
the romney campaign biggest mistake was the suggestion that production was moving to china. this is one hour. [applause] >> congratulations. >> you have been in montana. >> yes, drinking beer. >> what else did you do? >> i watched football, saw some friends, i did an amazing thing called sleeping. i have never done before. it was great. and then i'm going back tomorrow. for thanksgiving and then we leave for a month in italy on saturday. >> they love you on battleground radio but this is the first time you have done an on-camera interview. >> it seems like a bad idea at the time. look, we had amazing on their people -- on air people. my language did
sounds like he wouldn't be quite -- romney wanted to increase the military budget by $2 trillion. obama sounded like he would be less likely to start a war with iran. but the truth is the policies are exactly the same. so i would be very bipartisan in blaming both sides for this and also the fiscal cliff is the same problem. there's not one side that spends more side than the other. look at what the conservatives do when the republican are in charge and look at what the liberals do when they're in charge. the spending continues. the deficit keeps going up, the federal reserve keeps bailing out the rich. the welfare, you know, the democrats are seen as defending the welfare for the poor and the republicans defend the rich. the whole thing is they both defend welfare for the rich, number one. the military industrial complex, the banking system and the bailouts, they bail out the very wealthy and bankers in this crisis in the last five years, but people lost jobs and they lost their houses. that is very bipartisan. if we stick on the idea if we can blame the democrats or the republicans f
was the smart guy who would have evolved as mitt romney had come in. we might have seen him as national security adviser. he was deputy secretary of treasury during president bush. he was our ambassador to germany and is one of the very few people who synthesizes the economic and national security in such a holistic way. his dad was a famous democrat. one of the reasons i moved to washington. it's great to have bob here. the grand the congressional budget office and is a very distinguished economist. he was john mccain's economic adviser and is now running the american action for of. he is one of the best hawks out there on fiscal issues but he does it kindly. steve, -- one of the founders and chairman of a well. he chairs the entrepreneurship council and the chairman of revolution. he is trying to think about what are the sparks that drive innovation and creativity. you have been involved in a major study at the harvard business school. engage thousands of people's, surveys, discussions with hundreds of economic leaders and have come up with an eight point plan of things you are advocating. it
think. we've asked most americans. and by the way, people who voted for mitt romney will tell you, do not cut my social security and medicare benefits. they don't want that, and it's not because they're stupid or greedy, as alan simpson would like to make them out to be, it's because in this country retiring with some level of security is something that people have worked all their lives deserve in this country and something that should be a priority. mr. ellison: well, let me quote mr. blankfein of goldman sachs. he says, quote, you're going to have to do something undoubtedly to lower people's expectations of what they're going to get. the entitlements. and what people think they're going to get, because you're not going to get it. that's what he said. now, this gentleman is a c.e.o. of a firm that receives tens of billions of dollars -- ms. schakowsky: tens of billions. mr. ellison: tens of billions of dollars from direct money and indirect money through access to the fed at lowered rates and now has the -- ms. schakowsky: audacity. mr. ellison: audacity is the only word you can us
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